Who puts all this information on the web?

The information you find on the Web is as varied as the people who put it there.

  • Libraries - Libraries, such as college libraries and public libraries, spend a lot of money on quality sources, such as periodical databases and electronic books, and they make these resources available on the web.
  • Universities – More than likely you found information about RIT online!
  • Government Agencies - To make information widely available, federal, state and local governments publish many documents on the web.
  • Organizations - Organizations publish information about their purposes on the web. For example, the American Lung Association educates about the dangers of smoking on its website.
  • Companies - Companies of all sizes publish financial documents and press releases on their sites. And, as we all know from our own experience, companies use their web presence as a marketing tool.  Certainly any Facebook user can attest to that!
  • You!! - With a computer and an internet connection, anyone, anywhere in the world, can publish pretty much anything on the web.