What is a citation?

A citation, or bibliographic citation, is all the information needed to describe a source. A source might be a book, an article, a web site, a photo, an image, a personal interview, an email, a map, a video, etc. The information in citations should follow a specific style. We'll talk about these styles later.

When doing research, you make a list of one or more sources. Sometimes this list is called a Bibliography, Works Cited, References, or Sources. It will be placed at the end of your project. The list allows others who read your work to locate your source(s).  One might do this to verify your information or to read more about your topic.

You must acknowledge sources, in all your projects.  You do this through citations regardless of the type of source or the nature of your project.  Projects may be written papers, speeches, poster projects, artistic/visual projects, PowerPoint presentations, group projects, pamphlets, booklets, web sites, etc.