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Keeping up on news and happenings via webfeeds...

Keeping up with the ever-changing content on favorite web sites is a time-consuming hassle. We bookmark sites (hoping we remember to check them) and also rely on hearing news and tidbits via other sources while e-mail, newsletters, ads and listserv messages cram our inboxes (and we delete, delete all that isn't of interest).

A SOLUTION: Thanks to webfeeds, individuals and organizations can EASILY keep up to date. Some websites use webfeeds to deliver articles, news, weblogs or tidbits. Other sites use webfeeds to alert of new products, job openings or upcoming events. RIT Library is using a webfeed as one more way of letting you know about events, happenings, new products and other library-related news that may be of use to you.

SO....WHAT IS A WEBFEED? Webfeed is a kinder, gentler term forwhat is called RSS. In a nutshell, RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. To paraphrase xml.com: RSS is an format for syndicating (harvesting) news sources and sites as well as many personal weblogs. RSS feeds are in format and not meant to be read by human eyes, but rather by a "feed reader". Feed readers fetch new copies of the feeds you subscribe to on a regular schedule and show you which feeds have been updated since the last time you checked.

WHAT KIND OF WEBFEEDS ARE OUT THERE? There are thousands of RSS feeds and thus something for everyone. Feeds range from personal weblogs to the New York Times, NPR, WIRED, ESPN...and everything in between.


1. CHOOSE AN RSS FEED READER: There are many readers to choose from. We recommend Bloglines. Sign-up is free.

2. Once you have your Blogslines news reader, then SUBSCRIBE TO FEEDS:

To get a feel for how easy it is to add a feed to Bloglines try this:


Now you are ready to add other RSS feeds of interest to you. Some search sites to start with:






Tapestry (comics!)

IN ADDITION: Here are two good sites that keep it simple and tell you how to get going:

Getting Started with RSS: The No-Brainer Method - Karen Schneider's great one page guide!

RSS QuickStart Guide: Get a Grip on RSS in 3 East Steps! (featuring free and fee readers)

QUESTIONS? Contact Liz Dopp at eadwml@rit.edu.

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