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Opening Remarks
Chan McKenzie - Assistant Provost & RIT Libraries Director
Kit Mayberry - Vice President of Academic Affairs
Women at RIT
Susan Rogers - Executive Vice President & General Manager, WXXI
Student Presentations
"Kate Gleason: A Pioneer for Women in Engineering"
Nicole Varble - 2nd yr. Mechanical Engineering

"Empowered Women: Oral History Project"
Emily Hughes - 3rd yr. International Business & Marketing

"Representations of Female Athletes in Popular Media"
Amanda Wade - 5th yr. Communication & Media Technology

"The Thin I Should Be"
Jessie Hughes - 5th yr. Communication & Media Technology

"Women Artist-Teachers and the Mechanics Institute, 1885-1902"
Jennifer Seaman - 6th yr. Art Education

"Women in Art Education at the Mechanics Institute, 1920"
Irene Meyer - 3rd yr. Visual Media

"Makeup Free", "Is It Safe?", "Cream and Sugar"
Sarai Oviedo - 2nd yr. Graphic Media

"nonchalant", "collective energy", "water lily"
Irina Slastenko - 4th yr. New Media Design

Julie Zepke - 4th yr. Industrial Design

Alisea Evans - 1st yr. Computer Science

"A Century of Women at RIT: A Collector's Card Series"
Carolyn Dunne - 2nd yr. Advertising & Public Relations

Closing Remarks
Mary Beth Cooper - Vice President of Student Affairs