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A woman in the 1900s working on pottery in a class

Pathways: A Century of Women at RIT, was a 2007-08 academic year collaboration of RIT faculty, staff and students that resulted in a symposium, an exhibition on the history of women at RIT in the RIT Museum, and the book Past Meets Present: Recovering the History of Women at the Rochester Institute of Technology, 1885-1945 (Rochester, N.Y.: RIT Press, 2009). The daylong symposium featured student papers and projects, poetry readings, and formal presentations, all related to the history and presence of women at RIT. Students engaged with the history through projects like oral histories, biographies, and interpretive written and/or visual pieces inspired by the RIT Archives and other sources. The students did an extraordinary job, and put in many hours to present these polished, scholarly, creative and highly innovative projects and presentations. This site offers videotapes and transcripts of presentations and papers, power point files, and other documentation surrounding the projects. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to reprise the day.

-Tina Lent, Donna Rubin, Becky Simmons

The Pathways steering committee deserves credit for their involvement in the planning as well as their supervision of student projects: Jessica Lieberman, Jennifer Seaman, Naomi Orwin, John Roche, Mary Mapes, Judy Porter and Danielle Smith. Special thanks to all the faculty who assigned projects and/or provided projects for Pathways: Diane Hope, Melissa Nicolas, Katie Schmitz, Christine Keiner, Liz Kmiecinski, and Mary Pat Magde.