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Providing scholars with the latest technological tools and know-how to create and share knowledge with the world.

Digital Scholarship Services at RIT Libraries helps members of the RIT community navigate the full lifecycle of digital projects. From classroom to professional projects, we provide expertise and guidance on all steps in the process: managing your project, digitizing materials, designing content, using digital tools, providing copyright assistance, disseminating or publishing your work, or providing access to available published materials. Contact one of our staff for a consultation!


Digital Projects

We provide consultations and support for developing scholarly and curricular digital projects. Learn about how we can support you and browse projects featuring RIT Libraries materials. 

Digitization Lab

Dedicated to the digital preservation of materials and assisting in the creation of digital projects within the RIT community. The Lab has the capacity to scan large posters, photographs, negatives, slides, and most other photographic materials, including books.

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is an emerging field that uses technology to make discoveries with data. We provide workshops, classroom instruction, and consultation services for analyzing your data, planning or implementing a digital project, or teaching with digital tools. 

Open Access Publishing

Connect your scholarship effort to our comprehensive Open Access publishing services, ensuring that faculty and student research is made available to readers more quickly and is disseminated in a way that meets your academic objectives.


Fair Use & Copyright

Learn about your rights as an author to protect and share your work. We offer guidance about usage rights, Fair Use, Creative Commons licenses, and other issues in regard to copyright.

DOI Services

Thanks to a partnership with the Research & Computing Office, RIT Libraries is able to assign DOIs for the RIT community, through membership with DataCite, a DOI registration agency. 


RIT Libraries seeks to serve the RIT community by hosting regular events in the realm of digital scholarship. These events engage participants and offer opportunities for community members to mingle, learn, and grow.