If your item is not immediately available from our library, there are several ways to get what you need.

Connect NY


ConnectNY is a consortium of academic libraries in New York State. You can borrow books or view a collection of eBooks from the shared catalog. You can place the request right from the library catalog; just click on the ConnectNY logo to see if the book you're searching for is available from a member library. If you are a faculty, student or staff member at one of RIT’s Global campuses, please submit your request directly through Interlibrary Loan so that the requested book will be delivered to your appropriate campus.

https://connectny.info ›

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan can be used to request a variety of materials including journal articles, physical books, book chapters, conference papers, media, patents, reports, theses and standards documents from RIT Libraries' Offsite Collections and from other libraries worldwide. You can go directly to the website to place your request or click on the [MORE!] button while searching the library databases for an item. Electronic items are delivered in PDF format.

https://ill.rit.edu ›

RRLC Access borrowing card

The Rochester Regional Library Council (RRLC) is a local network of libraries that provides a direct borrowing program. The Access card allows you to visit a participating library and borrow directly from them. The Access Card Program is particularly helpful to users who need something from another collection immediately, who need to browse through a specialized collection, who lack sufficient bibliographic information for effective interlibrary loan, or who need to use resources which cannot be borrowed or photocopied.

For more information and an application, visit:
https://library.rit.edu/access-borrowing-card-application ›