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From CSD Learns.

This month celebrates another wonderful intersectional community – Women's History Month! When we think of the wonder and strength of our women, we must visualize all types of women and how their identities contribute to the huge, rich range of experiences in what it means to be a woman that pushes against societal expectations. Black and brown women, elderly women, transgender women, child-free women, career-focused women, disabled women, immigrant women, women in male-dominated spaces, and so many more. The validity within womanhood deserves to be boundless, therefore let’s have our celebration be boundless.  

Speaking of celebrating women, we are absolutely thrilled to celebrate BIPOC women in STEM through our collaboration with General Motors at the end of the month. It’s called STEM Explorers: Pathways to Achievement. We are hosting a virtual 4-week exploratory journey for high school students, where the students will get to learn all about unique STEM careers held by women with varying racial identities and how their experiences got them to where they are today. Interested? Sign up for your class here.