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Photo of Deaf Asian woman with short black hair and glasses

Sign the petition recognizing Dorothy's work!

We must recognize Deaf AAPI individuals who contributed immensely to the Deaf community!

Asian Signers is asking Gallaudet University to recognize Dorothy Casterline. Asian Signers is also asking Gallaudet University to award Dorothy with an honorary degree in the linguistics field and for the world. This absent recognition is very long overdue and it is time to change. She is a living legend and our backbone to the pioneering of ASL!

Dorothy is a Deaf Asian woman from Honolulu, Hawaii who graduated from Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind and then enrolled at Gallaudet University receiving her Bachelor's degree in English. She was known for pioneering in the field of ASL. She is also well known to have contributed to the history-making publication of "A Dictionary of American Sign Language on Linguistic Principles" in 1965 with Carl G. Croneburg and William C. Stokoe. This dictionary was the book that grabbed people's attention and flared a growing interest in ASL.  Dorothy deserves to be recognized for her hard work, dignity, and dedication with honor. We must recognize our Asian/AAPI community and can no longer accept being invisible and hidden. Dorothy has contributed her work for Gallaudet for over 30 years as an English professor and ASL researcher. It is time for Deaf Asians to reclaim their presence within the Deaf community.