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There are several ways a wheelchair user can get to the Ritter Library See map that shows the route from the Wallace building to the east side of Ritter.

Tunnel via Eastman elevator

  1. From the Wallace library location (undergoing construction) – go up the ramp to Eastman Building – west side entrance
  2. Walk east in the hallway
  3. Use the elevator to access the A-Level
  4. Take tunnels to Athletics Hallways to Ritter – you will pass commuter lockers; WITR radio station office….continue to Tiger emblem of Athletics – turn left

In the Ritter area, use the lower lobby entrance on the east side of the building located off the service road which runs between the Ritter ice rink and the Gordon Field house.  From the quarter mile, there is a ramp on the east side of the building down to the service road.

Another way is from the Sentinel in front of the SAU, where there is a sidewalk that runs on the west side of the building to D-lot and the service road can be accessed there.