This site is no longer being updated and may be out of date with current information. Please go to the new URL at


My hours tend to be Momday-Friday from 8-5 except when I have meetings, classes, and consultations. In addition to contacting me via e-mail, chat, and videophone, I have added Zoom room availability. When it is open, you will first be in the waiting room. 

I will let you in if I am not with a person. My Zoom room is

  • NTID chat
  • NTID e-mail
  • NTID v/videophone(585) 286-4635 (You may leave a message, which I will get as an interpreted video message by hearing, non-signing persons, and signed messages by signing persons calling me directly on the videophone). Voice users, you do not need a videophone to call me. You can call from your voice phone and it will automatically transfer to the sign language relay interpreter. This is a free service.