The policy governing the current electronic reserves, as with all reserves, is based on the provisions of fair use of the United States Copyright Act of 1976. Section 107 of the Copyright Act expressly permits the making of multiple copies for classroom use.

Note: Using password protection for material does not protect against copyright infringement.

Permissible items include:

  • One book chapter or 10% of a book, whichever is less
  • Exams, quizzes, course notes, course syllabi or other items in which copyright is held by the instructor
  • Government publications
  • Journal or newspaper articles (1 article per volume)
  • Unlimited persistent links to articles in databases that RIT subscribes to
  • Short poem (fewer than 250 words)
  • Unlimited links to freely-accessible web content
  • Materials in the public domain (published before 1923)

Items not permissible under copyright include:

  • Course packs or items from course packs
  • More than one article from a journal issue
  • Required textbooks
  • Items intended to be consumable in the course of study (such as workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, etc.)
  • Print materials obtained through interlibrary loan
  • Public domain materials that have been amended with criticism, interpretive essays, etc.

Options for items not permissible under copyright:

  • Is there an electronic copy of the book available?
  • Is there another title that covers the same material that the Wallace Center has in electronic format?
  • If you need further assistance with options, please contact your library liaison.