Instructional Scanning

The instructional scanning service will provide a scanned PDF of library materials or personal copies for faculty or staff to place within myCourses. Directions for adding material to a myCourses course are available here. Faculty are responsible for complying with U.S. Copyright Law for any material obtained via IDS Express.

Criteria for requesting instructional scans

  • Material is for instructional use and will be uploaded to myCourses by the instructor.
  • Item to be scanned is one article from a journal issue or one chapter or section of a book.
  • One of these criteria is met:
    • The material meets the Fair Use Guidelines under U.S. copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code)
    • Written copyright permissions has been obtained by the instructor
    • The item is in the public domain.

How to request a scan

  1. Log in to IDS Express
  2. In the main menu click Instructional Scan - Article or Instructional Scan - Book chapter. 
  3. Fill out the form as completely as possible and click “submit”
  4. Deliver any personal books or materials to the circulation desk at Wallace Library. See below for additional details.

Note: You must submit a separate request for each scan.

Delivering personal material

Personal copies of books or journal issues can be dropped off at the Wallace Library circulation desk. Each item should be clearly labeled with your name. No photocopies can be accepted for instructional scanning. 

Once we have received the items to be scanned and an IDS Express request for scanning, your PDF will be available within 4-5 business days. For Fall 2020, this includes isolation time for personal items due to COVID-19.

Items may also be mailed to the address below, but this will extend the time needed to receive a scan. Items will be returned via FedEx.

Information Delivery Services, Wallace Library
IDS/ILL,  Bldg 5, Rm A500
Rochester Institute of Technology
90 Lomb Memorial Dr
Rochester, NY 14623

Electronic Reserves

RIT Libraries’ legacy Electronic Reserves service adds digital material to the RIT Libraries catalog and incorporates links into the myLibrary module in myCourses. Please see the Instructional Scanning section above for assistance in scanning RIT Libraries materials or personal books or journals.

To request that materials be added to the RIT Libraries Catalog and Electronic Reserves, email

RIT Libraries will follow these basic principles when scanning materials, but instructors are responsible for adhering to U.S. Copyright Law. 

Permissible items include:

  • A portion of a book, such as a chapter or section 
  • Government publications
  • Journal or newspaper articles (1 article per volume)
  • Materials in the public domain 

Items not permissible under copyright include:

  • Course packs or items from course packs
  • More than one article from a journal issue
  • Required textbooks
  • Items intended to be consumable in the course of study (such as workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, etc.)
  • Public domain materials that have been amended with criticism, interpretive essays, etc.

Options for items not permissible under copyright:

  • Is there an electronic copy of the book available?
  • Is there another title that covers the same material that RIT Libraries has in electronic format?
  • If you need further assistance with options, please contact your library liaison.


RIT Libraries will not post materials or make changes to existing materials in Electronic Reserves and the RIT Libraries catalog after May 2021. Any materials that were stored in our systems will be unavailable at this time.


Copyright information for instructors

As per United States Copyright Law and the RIT Copyright Policy, the RIT Libraries is authorized to provide reproductions of copyright-protected works for the use of private study, scholarship, or research. For uses beyond this, written permission from the copyright holder(s) is required. Usage that requires copyright permission includes reproduction, distribution, publication, public performance, and public display. This includes publication and distribution via print or electronic mediums. It is the user’s responsibility to:

RIT Libraries does not accept any responsibility for copyright violations and the user assumes sole risk of copyright infringement. 

Additional copyright information can be found here.

For additional information