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Deaf/Signing Community: Support Recognition of Dorothy "Dot" Sueoka Casterline

Photo of Deaf Asian woman with short black hair and glasses

Sign the petition recognizing Dorothy's work!

We must recognize Deaf AAPI individuals who contributed immensely to the Deaf community!

March Newsletter

2022 March newsletter

Deaf Women Who Have Changed the World

This blog lists historical and contemporary Deaf women who have made a mark on the world in some way. New to me is this New Zealand woman. 

Deaf Women United

Recognizing Deaf Women from CSD Learns

New Video Streaming InfoGuide

RIT Libraries has created a Streaming Video InfoGuide. There are inexpensive pay-per-view options via Just Watch and ReelGood. If you would like to make a media request, please use this form. The InfoGuide includes:

Women on Wikipedia: Edit-a-Thon

RIT Libraries’ annual event, is back live and in person this year! This event is held in honor of Women's History Month. Our goal is to build the body of knowledge about women on Wikipedia, while also getting more women interested in editing entries today and in the future. I challenge you to add a book, article, video, or link to a biographical entry. It's easy! 

Friday, March 25th, 2022 12 pm-3 pm Ritter Arena -Registration not required