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Deaf Shame to Deaf Same Art Exhibit

This article explains the art exhibit created by Deaf students. It shows the importance of Deaf Art.

Deaf Characters in Cinema

This article highlights recent 10  Deaf actors in cinema. 

Deaf related books

Some Deaf-related books are coming in, if not here already. 'True Biz', 'The Sign for Home', 'Deaf Utopia' and 'The Dolphin House'. Use our library catalog to find these titles. 

Sign Language Poetry Resources

To celebrate National Poetry Month, take some time to explore the extensive sign language poetry resources collected by RIT Libraries. 

Deaf Community and Culture Symposium on April 21, from 4-6 EST

At San Jose School of Information, they are hosting a Deaf Community and Culture Symposium on April 21st from 4-6 EST focusing on library collections and services. This is a free symposium and you can register through this link

Announcement SJSU iSchool EDI Symposium

Adapted Article on Deaf Women for Middle/High School

The article "Deaf Women Fought for the Right to Vote" has been adapted for middle/high school students and a lesson plan is available. It's an interactive article. Sign up for a free account. There are readings on a variety of topics. 

Deaf Art Collections Level Up Presentation

This is a short Level Up presentation on Deaf Art Collections. Check out the InfoGuide and related links for Deaf Art. 



Seven "First Deaf Women" (CSD)


Written By CSD

Women’s History Month was officially established in 1978, but women have been challenging stereotypes and overcoming barriers much longer than that. The achievements of these seven Deaf women prove exactly that! Celebrate their successes by learning about these big firsts for the Deaf community and for the world.