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RRLC Access Pass now available

If you would like to have an access pass, you need to fill out this form. You need to apply for this every year. There is a website with more information about the RRLC Access Pass program. Undergraduates, graduates, faculty and staff may apply for this pass which will allow them to visit area libraries and borrow their materials. 

Captioned Streaming Videos: Do We Have Them?

Yes, we have streaming video databases.. Take a look at the following databases for captioned streaming videos. Faculty can request a video for classroom purposes. Fill out the media form.

Wheelchair Users Directions to the Ritter Library (Wallace on Ice)

There are several ways a wheelchair user can get to the Ritter Library See map that shows the route from the Wallace building to the east side of Ritter.

Tunnel via Eastman elevator

I need a book/DVD! It says it's off-site! What does this mean?

Some of our books and DVDs are at an off-site facility. You need to request the book or DVD if you see that it is not available at Ritter Library. It will say Library Offsite Collections. Suppose you want The Beginning American Sign Language DVDs. Click on the image to access the video or follow the directions below. 

Where is the library?! It moved to the Ritter Ice Rink!

The map shows the walking (green) and wheelchair (blue) user paths from the Wallace Library building to Ritter Lbrary.i

The library has moved to the Ritter Ice Rink (Wallace on Ice). View the library hours on the RIT Libraries website. This space includes the following: 

Zoom Availability and Hours

My hours tend to be Momday-Friday from 8-5 except when I have meetings, classes, and consultations. In addition to contacting me via e-mail, chat, and videophone, I have added Zoom room availability. When it is open, you will first be in the waiting room. 

I will let you in if I am not with a person. My Zoom room is

NTID Library Introduction



Hi! I am Joan Naturale, the NTID and Deaf Studies Librarian, with a new blog! I plan to post at least weekly.